Brent Fischer, Director | JB Pritzker, Governor
Camera Grant Information

The ILETSB is excited to announce that the Camera Grant Program has been revised and is now accepting applications for grants pursuant to 50 ILCS 707/10 which provides for in-dash cameras, body-worn cameras, and related camera training, obtained after January 1, 2016.

Under this program, agencies may seek reimbursement for cameras previously purchased or for cameras purchased upon award. Agencies may also seek reimbursement for any training associated with the use, operation, and maintenance of these cameras.

Agencies are free to select the make and model of their choice but are limited to $895 for each officer-worn body camera and $5,752 for each in-car (dash) camera. Costs associated with installation, data storage, and associated personnel are not reimbursable. Receipts and serial numbers for all cameras claimed for reimbursement must be provided before funds will be issued and each agency must be compliant with all statutory and Board obligations upon application. Applications will be evaluated and assessed based upon community characteristics and agency need. Awards are subject to the availability of appropriated funds and recipients must comply with all special reporting requirements found in Sections 15 and 20 of the Law Enforcement Camera Grant Act.

Pursuant to the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) the recipient of any state award must be pre-registered with the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget. Many police agencies may already be registered in the name of their municipality or county. To begin this registration process, follow this link and complete the application:

Once registered, you can complete the ILETSB application by filling out the following three forms:

A. The Board’s application worksheet found here:  ILECGF Questionnaire

B. The GATA Uniform Application Packet found here:

     Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance

     NOTE: Please provide responses in all grey highlighted areas, then SAVE AS “(your agency name) application” and email as a PDF to: 

C. The GATA Conflict Disclosure Affidavit found here:

     Uniform Grant Agreement Affidavit of Disclosure of Conflicts of interest

     NOTE: Please provide responses in all grey highlighted areas, then SAVE AS “(your agency name) conflict” and email as a PDF to:

     The period for application begins on February 28, 2018 and closes on April 15, 2018. Awards will be announced before May 1, 2018.

      Due to the recently developed GATA qualification process, applicants may be asked to submit additional materials before award. 


1. Is my agency already registered under GATA?

    Please check here for a list of previously approved agencies:

     GATA-Illinois Law Enforcement Agencies

2. Can my agency apply for more than one category of grant?


3. Can we include costs for data storage in the claim for reimbursement?


4. Can we include costs of installation in the claim for reimbursement?


5. Our agency paid more than $895/$5,752 per camera, are we eligible for the reimbursement?

     Yes, but each unit purchased is only eligible up to the maximum amount allowed under this grant program.

6. Our agency received funds from anther grant source, can we still submit for reimbursement under this program?


7. Our provider did not charge us for cameras but instead charges for monthly/annual services – is this reimbursable?



To submit a question, please email: